Harmonica part for your record | Заказать студийную запись

I love doing music recordings and ready to record a harmonica part for your music in any style: blues, rock, folk, pop, jazz, electronic, hip-hop and so on.
I can compose the harmonica part myself (improvisation/melody) or  record the part that you composed for me (then sheet music and/or audio recording is required). I have lots of experience and of music ideas and can play improv solos, chugging, chord progressions, bass parts, riffs, long notes. My harmonica can sound like Hammond organ or synthesizer. I found rhythm/pad harmonica to sound much more interesting than rhythm/pad guitar/keyboard.
For the example of my wide variety of harmonica sounds you can listen to Bashakov-Plotnikov Duo’s last album: ITUNES, Google play, Yandex music stream (stream is not for all countries, unfortunately).

I have a small recording studio at home with anything necessary for high quality harmonica recording, I also have access to the best Moscow recording studios if you need special requirements.

All possible harmonicas at your disposal: blues harps aka diatonic harmonicas (any keys, including high and low, minor harmonicas, special tunings, I can also make a special tuning specially to fit your chord progression), chromatic (including low octave), bass harmonica.

If your music need some unique processed harmonica sounds different sound effects can be used during the recording: Line6 POD HD (any effects that you want, my trademark effects are emulation of DJ scratches using harmonica, articulation and pitch glide and emulation of hammond organ), EHX Pitch Fork for pitch shifting and pitch gliding, MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay, LoneWolf Blues Company harmonica drive/distortions for dirty blues tone, EHX Small Stone phase shifter. My small recording studio also has several guitar amps, which I sometimes use, including Fender Pro Jr, ZT Lunchbox Jr etc

My mics are: Audio-Technica AT4050/CM5 large diaphragm condenser mic, Audix Fireball, Electro-voice N/D967 large diaphragm dynamic mic, Shure 545SD, Electro-voice Co4 cobalt

Mic pre/audio interface I use is dbx 586 with dbxTYPE IV module for digital output S/PDIF, 48kHz, 24 bit. I record into Macbook Air with Logic Pro X and Ableton Live 9.

I charge very different price for the recording. It depends mostly on two things. How much time the recording will consume and how much music freedom I have during the recording. Regular price for one song varies from $50 to $100, sometimes I charge more. Sometimes I record for free, if your music really moves me and you have no money, but please make sure I’m mentioned as a featured artist. )
We can communicate via skype/facetime during my work.

I specialize in harmonica recording but If you happen to need mixing and mastering – I can also do them, though it may take some time. We’ll end up with a loud and balanced mix with a perfect harmonica sound, ready for itunes or other internet releases, radio or CD.
Я готов к студийной работе как сессионный музыкант. Большой студийный опыт, помимо своих проектов записывался с Михаилом Башаковым, Евгением Маргулисом, группами “Конец фильма”, “Метро”, “Amore Entrave”. Сочинение и исполнение собственной партии. Исполнение заранее написанной партии (желательно ноты и/или аудиозапись предоставить заранее). Стили практически любые: блюз, джаз, фолк, фанк, панк, поп, рок, классика, электроника и др. Все тональности и всё оборудование есть, как для акуcтического натурального звучания, жирного традиционного блюзового, так и экспериментального (вамми, автокваки, фазеры и прочее пользую по необходимости).

Также, по договоренности предлагаю сведение и мастеринг записанного материала.

If you need harmonica part for your song write me at info@borisplotnikov.ru or contact me any possible way!

Если вам нужна губная гармоника на запись – пишите на info@borisplotnikov.ru или свяжитесь со мной любым удобным способом.